FUCO&SOLUTION provides cutting-edge customer acquisition solution to financial institutions in Greater China area.


Get through the monthly statement, notification letters, or points report to engage in-depth and interactive customer communication and account management.

Content Management System (CMS)

The keys of content management system (CMS) allow clerks to add, modify, and remove digital content fast and accurately. The features of our CMS modules including marketing advertisements, special campaigns, on-line application for financial products or on-line voting.

Customer Communication

Omni-channel feature- Our customer communication module provides touch points as business correspondences, emails, SMS and social medias can interactively communicate with customers. Moreover, customer communication module can be used for different marketing promotion, clicks collection, QR code and on-line interaction as the basis for analysis of customer behavior.

Data Analysis

Data analysis module through the collection capability of customer communication module, for different dimensions of customer groups and behavior of cross-analysis, as to promote accurate marketing engine.

Analysis reports including: click/open rate analysis, location analysis, historical preferences analysis, and the device analysis. Penetrate the data analysis, it brings precise information of predictable customers groups, product interests, and possible future transactions.



Your way to FINTECH

We believe statements are the best communication channels to clients.
Alex Lin, CEO and Co-Founder, FUCO&SOLUTION

  Founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 2015, with solid and comprehensive financial industry know-how, FUCO&SOLUTION provides strong business document solutions to banks in Greater China to convert their customer services into the digital world.

  FUCO&SOLUTION is specializing in assisting financial institutions in customer communication with interactive smart statements. We provide high quality, interactive, and personalized statement for banks to communicate with their customers.

  The statements have the high opening rate, the data analysis smartly suggests precise campaigns and financial products for cross-selling and up-selling, which successfully creates a new sales channel for financial institutions.

  Now FUCO&SOLUTION is developing the Robo-Advisor and financial product lifecycle management tools to make the statement always provides new products suggestion to customers constantly.

Our Clients

Our Clients